Philipp Geuder

I'm an Interaction Designer, who also knows how to code.
I study Interface Design at FH Potsdam and live in Berlin.

Lunz, Smartwatch UI Concept

Lunz is an interface concept by Michael Dietz and Philipp Geuder approaching the ongoing smartwatch trend. The concept was created at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam during winter semester 2013/2014 under the direction of Prof. Matthias Krohn.

Lunz won't replace a smartphone but it will shift meaningful functionality from the telephone in your pocket to the watch on your wrist. Cultural probes and prototypes revealed daily tasks and situations in which you really could make use of a smartwatch.

Based on this information, the concept focusses on handling notifications, appointments, public transport but also privacy as a big topic. While wearing your private information on your wrist you don't want everybody to look at them. For this reason the watch only displays details if you want it to and that's why we called it "Lunz" – a german word for "glance".

KatWarn for Windows Phone 8

The task was to design a Windows Phone 8 version of KatWarn, an information and disaster warning system. Based of the iOS and Android versions, the app was designed to act and feel native to Windows Phone users and was complemented with functionality only available with the Windows Phone operating system, like LiveTiles and Lockscreen Notifcations.

Stille zählen (Counting Silence)

Stille zählen is a poetic attempt at counting and by that archiving silence. It's a device based an Arduino and was created in the course "Zählen" (Counting) under the direction of by Prof. Monika Hoinkis during winter semester 2012/2013.

As part of the see#8 conference in Wiesbaden, Germany Stille zählen was exhibited in May 2013. Additionally Stille zählen was featured in Weave Magazine, Issue 23.

Fux, Student Magazine

Development and Maintenance of the website for the student magazine Fux at FH Potsdam as a voluntary staff member. Based on Wordpress, a custom theme was developed and over the last 3 years revised and steadily extended to reflect the needs and wishes of the magazine staff and students at FH Potsdam.


A group of students at FH Potsdam were tasked with developing and deploying an internal inventory system for the labs and studios at FH Potsdam. The system was designed to streamline the equipment lending process and to assist lab staff in tracking lendings. For students, the system introduced email notifications of their lending, upcoming or overdue returns and a personal lending overview. My main roles were backend develepoment, server administration and team coordination.

The project is based on Ruby on Rails and includes user profiles powered by OAuth. The interface centers around a powerfull searchbar based on Elasticsearch.

A limited role-out is planned for winter 2014, with full availabillity in summer semester 2015.

Embraase Landing Page

Embraase, a Berlin startup, needed a redesign of their website as they launched the beta version of their A/B Testing and Personalization SDK. I redesigned and developed a brand new responsive website using HTML, CSS and JS.